Surbhi Shop Mitra

Surbhi Shop Mitra

Join as Surbhi Mitra – Marketing

The Marketing Trainee is responsible for acquiring and servicing new and existing manufacturers and data for bulk distribution of our trade products and services. Maintaining and updating distribution information for our products & services via travel and telephone is required. Travel to industry trades shows to promote our 
products & services. All travel may require overnight and weekend stays, arranged by SSBM HR Team. 

In the process of handling these responsibilities, Marketing Trainees may assist in the implementation of circulation strategies. Processing of website registrations, entering orders results, and other miscellaneous projects may be assigned. 

The Marketing Trainee must work as a team to help assure the success of the SSBM. Assume other duties as assigned. Position available in for whole rural Indian locations.

Qualification: Any but must be able to read and write in Hindi or English.

Eligibility: Must have good communication. Must have good local network.


  • On appointment: For First 3 / Three Months
    • Appointment letter as Surbhi Mitra – Marketing Trainee will be issued
    • Mobile expenses will be paid, as per performance.
    • Travel expenses will be paid as per performance.
    • Please Note – No pay for non performers.
  • After completion of 3 months internship program.
    • All performers shall be appointed as Official Surbhi Mitra – Marketing Officers & shall be given a chance to present a presentation about their learning & experiences
    • Authorization letters will be issued to appoint Surbhi Mitra – Sales & Delivery Team for three month Internship, to be managed by Surbhi Mitra – Marketing Officers
    • A Fix Salary + Commission % will be assigned monthly basis based on their team performance, for each Surbhi Mitra – Marketing Officers who will manage their team expenses as per their performance further

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